Getting started


Invoice Ninja is an invoicing application which makes sending invoices and receiving payments simple and easy. Our latest version is a clean slate rewrite of our popular invoicing application which builds on the existing feature set and adds a wide range of features and enhancements the community has asked for.


The app is divided into three main parts: the backend/API, the Admin Portal and the Client Portal.

Backend - API

Lead developer: David Bomba

The API has been developed using Laravel the full API specification can be found here. The latest code can be found in the v5-stable and v5-develop branches in the GitHub repo.

Admin Portal - AP

Lead developer: Hillel Coren

The Admin Portal has been developed using Flutter, it provides a consistent cross-platform experience with native applications for web, mobile and desktop. The latest code can be found here.

Client Portal - CP

Lead developer: Benjamin Beganović

The Client Portal is also developed with Laravel along with Tailwind.

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