Lifecycle of an invoice


The Draft status is the first status in the lifecycle of a invoice. In this status, changes can be made to the invoice and the invoice is hidden completely from the client. A draft invoice does not affect the ledger nor does it change the client balance. Draft invoices are inactive until either emailed to the client or marked as sent.

::: warning Once a draft invoice has been emailed/marked as sent its status cannot be changed back to draft. :::


A invoice is marked as sent when it has been emailed to the client or marked as sent in the admin panel

When the invoice status is changed to Sent, the client balance increases by the invoice balance amount


A invoice status of Partial means that a payment has been applied to the invoice but there is still a outstanding balance remaining on the invoice.


A invoice status of Paid means that full payment has been applied to the invoice. The invoice balance will be 0.


A invoice can be cancelled under the following conditions

When a invoice is cancelled the invoice balance is set to zero and the status updated to Cancelled, the client balance is also adjusted down. If payments have been applied to the invoice these will remain linked to the invoice.


A invoice can be marked as deleted if the following conditions have been met

What happens when a invoice is deleted?

If the invoice has a balance remaining, in order to balance the ledger, we perform a Cancellation on the invoice first and then perform the deletion.

:::warning Important! If a invoice has a remaining balance or has had payments applied to it, the invoice is cancelled and then deleted. :::


A invoice can be reversed under the following conditions

When a invoice is reversed the payment/s that have been applied to the invoice have a credit generated against them. The ledger is also adjusted as follows:

When a invoice has been reversed, the previous payments relationships are unlinked and cannot be restored.


Archiving a invoice simply removes the invoice from the invoice list view. Archiving a invoice keeps your list views clean and tidy and does not effect the ledger / client balance.

:::warning When a invoice is archived no further modifications can be made to the invoice. To modify the invoice you will need to Restore the invoice first. :::


Restoring a invoice from the archived state will set the invoice back to its previous state prior to archiving.

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