We receive many queries about the Invoice Ninja sourcecode/application license and what is considered within the license and outside of the license. We feel it is important the community understands our interpretation of the license so there is no confusion about how this software can be used.

We have selected the Elastic License 2.0 as we believe it offers flexibility to use this software for their personal requirements and protects our commercial use of the code for our Hosted SaaS product.

So what does all this mean? Lets give a couple examples of how this code can and cannot be used in a completely "free" sense.

1. Bob the IT services provider.

Bob provides IT services to his clients and needs a invoicing platform to invoice and receive payments. He chooses to use Invoice Ninja. Bob is free to modify and/or extend the source code to suit his needs. The only requirement is that he does not modify the attributions in the application to Invoice Ninja. If he wishes to remove the attributions, he would need to purchase an annual Whitelabel license which will remove these attributions and the app would show no reference to Invoice Ninja. Bob is staying within the license usage of Invoice Ninja. Bob is awesome.

2. Sally the WebHost provider.

Sally provides IT/Web services to her clients. Some of her clients need an invoicing platform installed and configured. Sally installs Invoice Ninja for these clients on her own or 3rd party infrastructure and bills her clients for this service. Sally is staying within the license usage of Invoice Ninja. Sally is awesome.

3. EvilCorp 3000

EvilCorp 3000 has copied the Invoice Ninja repository and wants to resell Invoice Ninja as a SaaS product of their own. They remove all references to Invoice Ninja and market it as their own commercial offering. EvilCorp 3000 is not staying within the license of Invoice Ninja. If EvilCorp 3000 wishes to sell / resell Invoice Ninja they would need to discuss a license directly with Invoice Ninja LLC and agree to commercial terms.

4. Hybrid SaaS Co

Hybrid SaaS Co has developed their own CRM SaaS product and wishes to bolt on Invoice Ninja as a complimentary offering to their SaaS CRM. Because they are essentially reselling the Invoice Ninja application they would need to agree to a commercial license with Invoice Ninja LLC in order to use the code within their own offering.


These are just a couple of examples of how Invoice Ninja can and cannot be used. Essentially if you are using the app to bill your clients for services - the app is 100% free. If you wish to resell an invoicing application using our code, you need to become a reseller of our application and agree to a commercial license with Invoice Ninja LLC.

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