Creating Products

There several ways for a product to be created, including:

Products can also be used to represent services rendered. For example, you could have a product entry for service calls, with a price set to your hourly rate, and use the product quantity to represent the billable hours.

Viewing Products

To view products from the Invoice Ninja admin portal, you must visit the Products module on the left hand navigation menu. Alternatively, you can view and analyze your products list in an external application by exporting products as a .CSV file using the API, or the Export function under Settings.


The Overview pane presents a very simple layout, with the product price in large text at the top, followed by the product description underneath.


The Documents pane provides the ability to upload documents and view documents you have linked to the product. These uploaded files are only accessible through the admin portal. A useful way to employ the document uploads feature, is by posting product signage, or documents with thorough product descriptions or technical details.

Note that uploaded documents are saved in the "public/storage" directory in a folder structure using hashed folder names to match the product entry, so backup this directory along with your database to preserve your attached documents.


There are a few functions available from the product view mode that provide shortcuts to manipulating the product you are viewing.

Editing a Product

There is only a few fields that apply to a product:

Inventory Tracking

If you run a business which stocks products, tracking inventory levels is an important component of running a business. In Invoive Ninja, tracking inventory is super simple.

alt text

Simply turn on Track Inventory in the settings panel, you can also add notifications when a product reaches a threshold you will receive an email notifying you of the current stock level. For more fine grained control, you can assign thresholds directory on the product itself.

alt text

To view the current stock levels, simply viewing the product will show the current level.

You can also combine the Purchase Order module to update your inventory level automatically, see Purchase Orders for more info.

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