Recurring Invoices

Reserved keywords in the items description

To make your life easier, we've put together few reserved keywords in the line items description to make your work with recurring invoices, much easier.

Reserved keywords are:

As you may guess, each time invoice (PDF) is generated, keywords will be replaced with actual value, so:

These keywords also support basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication & ** division**.

So this is the pattern for mathematical operations:


Let's see it in practice. Imagine you're sending an invoice for a gym membership every three months. Write this in item description & let's see what we get:

Gym membership: :MONTH to :MONTH+3

alt text

... and let's save & preview the invoice:

alt text

Nice! Now, each time you send this invoice, you don't have to put the exact month, nor the upcoming month.

Supported combinations

Month: :MONTH
Year: :YEAR
Quarter: :QUARTER

:MONTH (+, -, *, /) e.g. :MONTH+1 :MONTH-1 :MONTH*2 :MONTH/2
:YEAR (+, -) :YEAR+1 :YEAR-1

Reserved keyword for date ranges

Previously listed keywords are super cool, but what if we have to generate for example:

Gym membership: February 2021 to February 2023

It's easy as typing following:

Gym membership: [MONTHYEAR|MONTHYEAR+24]

Gym membership: February 2021 to February 2023 🎉

alt text

Another way to do it this:

Gym membership: :MONTH :YEAR to :MONTH :YEAR+2

Keep in mind that [MONTHYEAR|MONTHYEAR] syntax will take care of overlapping dates.

Supported combinations



As you can see [MONTHYEAR|MONTHYEAR] uses "to" between date ranges. This is not hard coded, but it builds itself based on your localization settings.

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