Basic Settings

The basic settings are where you can setup everything you need to define your company.

Company Details

The company details are where you configure your address, upload your company logo and also set your company defaults:


The defaults are system wide - company level defaults, this will applied at every level of the application they refer to.


The Auto Bill selector has 4 options:

Payment Type

This selector will set the default payment method.

Payment Term

The payment term defined in 'days'. You can configure custom payment terms by clicking the Configure Payment Terms button

Payment Emails

Terms and Footers

The terms and footers text inputs allow you to define default for each. These will be injected into the document automagically for you. All you need to do is set it once here and we'll take care of the rest! Note, you can always override these values by editing them directly in the entity.

User Details


Online Payments

Tax Settings

Product Settings

Task Settings

Expense Settings

Import | Export

Device Settings

Account Management

Advanced Settings

Invoice Design

Custom Fields

Generated Numbers

alt text

Generated numbers contain a collection of variables that allow very fine grained customization of generated numbers for any entity in the application.

Number Padding

The number padding drop down indicates how many leading zeros you'd like before each number. The default padding is 3 leading zeros ie 0001,0002,0003.

Generate Number

The generate number option allows you to customize WHEN the number is applied, there are two configurations; When Saved (will apply immediate when you save an entity) or When Sent (when the entity is sent / marked as sent).

Recurring Prefix

The recurring prefix is a prefix which is applied to entities that are created when a recurring entity has been generated.

Shared Invoice Quote Counter

The shared invoice quote counter switch enables sharing of the counter between quote and invoices, so both entities increment as one rather than separate entities

Reset Counter

Generated counters can be reset at a variety of frequencies. It is important to note that in order to reset the counter, you must combine enough unique variables to ensure that the generated counter will still be unique.




This counter will generate a date string of which could reset yearly, however it could not reset at a monthly interval as you will have counter collisions.

alt text

Entity generated numbers

As well as defining the pattern, you are also able to define where the counter can start.

Email Settings

Client Portal

Templates & Reminders

Group Settings

Workflow Settings

User Management

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