Invoice Ninja has integrated with leading data provider Yodlee to access bank data feeds. Yodlee provides global access to most major banks and allows you to connect your bank accounts with Invoice Ninja for the automatic reconcilation of payments and expenses.

Bank Accounts

Settings > Bank Accounts

You can view and add bank accounts in the settings section of the application

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For enterprise hosted users, you can use the Connect Accounts button to add / update and remove accounts from Invoice Ninja.

Clicking on this button will take you to the Yodlee platform which will allow you to securely authenticate with your bank, from there can you can select the bank accounts you wish to link with Invoice Ninja.

Once you have connected your bank account you have to option to enable automatic syncing where Invoice Ninja will perform rolling data syncs to keep all of your transactions up to date.

It is also possible to manually create a bank account and transactions, you can also import bank statements which are in CSV format ( Settings > Import | Export )

Transaction List

The transactions overview displays all of your transactions and their status.

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Create a manual transaction

To create a manual transaction click on the Create button

alt text

Select a Type:

Enter the Date of the transaction The amount Select the currency of the transaction Select the bank account to link the transaction to Enter a description. For auto matching, if you enter the invoice number we will automatically find and match the related invoice.

Matching Transactions

When you click on a transaction a second window pane will open which will show you the matching options:

Invoice Matching.

To match one or more invoices to a transaction you can use the search dialog to find your invoice, or simply scroll through the list and check one of more invoice to link to the transaction.

alt text

To finalize, click on the Convert To Payment button. This will create the matching payment for the invoice/s and will also update the status of the invoices to paid

Expense Matching.

When matching expenses you are able to assign the Vendor and/or a expense category

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