Custom Fields

PDF Customizations

PDF generation in v5 is via an HTML templating system. We provide multiple design templates for you to choose from, or you can create your design using any HTML/CSS combinations.


These snippets are collected over time, some might find them useful, so we decided to collect them in the official documentation.

Getting all available selectors on the design

To make sure we can target all elements easily & make changes available faster to you, we introduced the "Draft" mode. To turn on "Draft" mode, make sure you toggle:

Settings (Advanced settings) > Invoice Design > Customize & preview > Draft mode:

alt text

Let's select the item column:

alt text

Now you can select element & inspect its selector:

alt text

The important part for us is data-ref.

Showing table column on one design & hiding on others

This will hide columns & rows related entirely. In this example, we hide the custom product field.

/** CSS (includes) **/

[data-ref="product_table-product.product1-td"] { display: none; }

Overwriting the "hidden" property on element

Some elements have a "hidden" property on the element. You can overwrite this with CSS.

[data-ref="totals_table-subtotal-label"] {
    display: inline; /* or block */

Creating a custom design

This is a section for you that want to create a new design completely from scratch or just curious about understanding how templates work.

Keep in mind that in order to create designs some knowledge of HTML and CSS is mandatory.

Creating a design entry

Let's start by cloning the existing design. To do so, open the admin panel and navigate to Settings > Invoice Design > Customize & Preview.

The base design isn't important if you have a completely new design in mind. Name your design and click Save.

alt text

We will name ours Tutorial and turn on HTML Mode to see changes more quickly.

Design structure

On the top of the page we should see tabs such as, Body, Header, Footer, Products, Includes. This is how design is structured and for the most part, you can leave at is.

We will spend most of our time in Includes and Body sections.


As the name suggests this is the heart of the design. This is where we will organize our elements.


If you want to be fully semantic & fully follow HTML standards, this is where you should place your header content.


Just like the header, this is a more semantic section for footer content.


At the moment of the writing, this is unsupported feature. In the future, it will allow you to dynamically allocate table columns.


This is where your styles go.


Before we start customizing/coding our own design, keep in mind that Invoice Ninja has some requirements. They are specific IDs for contents.

Target elements:

To get specific selectors, please refer to Getting all available selectors on the design.

If it's easier for you to develop a static template first, you can always copy the source code provided under Settings tab and develop locally, copying changes into Invoice Ninja once you're happy with the design.

alt text


All the following selectors are marked using data-ref attribute.

To query for example, use following:

[data-ref=""] { 
    background-color: red; 

Client details

Company details

Company address

Invoice details

Quote details

Credit details

Product table

Task table

Total columns

Custom fields

$tax - Tax Label  
$app_url - The full URL to the application  
$from - From label  
$to - To label  
$total_tax_labels - Map of tax labels  
$total_tax_values - Map of tax values  
$line_tax_labels - Map of line tax labels  
$line_tax_values - Map of line tax values  
$date - Entity date label/value  
$ - Alias of the $date label  
$due_date - Entity due date label/value (or partial payment due date if set on invoice or quote)
$invoice.due_date - Alias of due date  
$payment_due - Payment due label/value  
$invoice.number - Invoice number label/value  
$invoice.po_number - Invoice po_number label/value  
$entity.datetime - Entity datetime label/value  
$invoice.datetime - Alias of $entity.datetime  
$quote.datetime - Alias of $entity.datetime  
$credit.datetime - Alias of $entity.datetime  

$entity - The entity Label ie. Invoice / Credit / Quote  
$number - The number label ie. Invoice Number  
$entity.terms - The entity terms label/value ie. Invoice Terms:  
$terms - Alias of $entity.terms  
$view_link - Entity view link ie. <a href="/link/to/entity">View Invoice</a>  
$view_url - Entity view url ie.  

$ - Project name label/value  
$project.number - Project number /value  

$entity_number - Alias of $number  
$ - Invoice dicount label/value  
$discount - Alias of $  
$subtotal - Subtotal label/value  
$invoice.subtotal - Alias of $subtotal  

$balance_due - Currency formatted balance due label/value  
$balance_due_raw - Unformatted balance due label/value  
$quote.balance_due - Alias of $balance_due  
$invoice.balance_due - Alias of$balance_due  
$outstanding - Alias of $balance_due  

$partial_due - Partial due label/value  
$total - Total label/value  
$amount - Alias of $total  
$amount_raw - Unformatted alias of $total
$amount_due - Alias of $total  
$ - Alias of $total  

$ - Alias of $total  
$invoice_total_raw - Unformatted alias of $total
$invoice.amount - Alias of $total  
$quote.amount - Alias of $total  
$ - Alias of $total  
$credit.number - Alias of $number  
$ - Alias of $total  
$credit.po_number - Alias of $invoice.po_number  
$ - Credit date label/value  
$balance - Alias of $balance  
$credit.balance - Alias of $balance  
$invoice.balance - Alias of $balance  
$taxes - Total taxes label/value  
$invoice.taxes - Alias of $taxes  

$invoice.custom1 - Invoice custom value 1 label/value  
$invoice.custom2 - Invoice custom value 2 label/value  
$invoice.custom3 - Invoice custom value 3 label/value  
$invoice.custom4 - Invoice custom value 4 label/value  

$invoice.public_notes - Invoice public notes label/value  
$entity.public_notes - Alias of $invoice.public_notes  
$public_notes - Alias of $invoice.public_notes  

$entity_issued_to - Issued to label  
$your_entity - Your `entity` label  

$ - Alias of $date  
$quote.number - Alias of $number  
$quote.po_number - Alias of $invoice.po_number  
$quote.quote_number - Alias of $quote.number  
$quote_no - Alias of $quote.number  
$quote.quote_no - Alias of $quote.number  
$quote.valid_until - Valid until label/value  
$credit_amount - Alias of $amount  
$credit_balance - Alias of $balance  

$credit_number - Alias of $number  
$credit_no - Alias of $number  
$credit.credit_no - Alias of $number  

$invoice_no - Alias of $number  
$invoice.invoice_no - Alias of $number  

$client1 - Client custom value 1 label/value  
$client2 - Client custom value 2 label/value  
$client3 - Client custom value 3 label/value  
$client4 - Client custom value 4 label/value  

$address1 - Address line one label/value  
$address2 - Address line two label/value  
$id_number - Client id number label/value  
$client.number - Client number label/value  
$vat_number - Client VAT number label/value  
$website - Client website label/value  
$phone - Client phone label/value  
$country - Client country label/value  
$email - Contact email label/value  
$client_name - Client name label/value  
$ - Alias of $client_name  
$client.address1 - Alias of $address1  
$client.address2 - Alias of $address2  
$client_address - Full client address label/value  
$client.address - Alias of $client_address  
$client.id_number - Alias of $id_number  
$client.vat_number - Alias of $vat_number  
$ - Alias of $website  
$ - Alias of $phone  
$city_state_postal - Client city_state_postal code combination label/value  
$client.city_state_postal - Alias of $city_state_postal  
$postal_city_state - Client city_state combination label/value  
$client.postal_city_state - Alias of $postal_city_state  
$ - Alias of $country  
$ - Alias of $email  

$client.shipping_address - Full client shipping address block
$client.shipping_address1 - Shipping address line one label/value  
$client.shipping_address2 - Shipping address line two label/value  
$client.shipping_city - Shipping address city
$client.shipping_state - Shipping address state
$client.shipping_postal_code - Shipping address postal code
$client.shipping_country - Shipping address country

$client.currency - Client currency code ie. AUD, USD  

$client.lang_2 - Locale of client language, ie. 'en'

$client.balance - Client balance label/value  
$outstanding - Alias of $client.balance  
$client_balance - Alias of $client.balance  
$paid_to_date - Client paid to date label/value  

$contact.full_name - Contact full name label/value  
$ - Contact email label/value  
$ - Contant phone label/value  

$ - Contact name label/value  
$contact.first_name - Contact first name label/value  
$contact.last_name - Contact last name label/value  

$contact.custom1 - Contact custom value 1 label/value  
$contact.custom2 - Contact custom value 2 label/value  
$contact.custom3 - Contact custom value 3 label/value  
$contact.custom4 - Contact custom value 4 label/value  

$company.city_state_postal - Company city_state_postal combination label/value  
$company.postal_city_state - Company city_state combination label/value  
$ - Company name label/value  
$company.address1 - Company address line one label/value  
$company.address2 - Company address line two label/value  
$ - Company city label/value  
$company.state - Company state label/value  
$company.postal_code - Company postal code label/value  
$ - Company country label/value  
$ - Company phone label/value  
$ - Company email label/value  
$company.vat_number - Company vat number label/value  
$company.id_number - Company id number label/value  
$ - Company website label/value  
$company.address - Company full address label/value  

$spc_qr_code - SPC formatted QR code  

$logo - Full URL to company logo  
$company.logo - Alias of $logo  
$company_logo - Alias of $logo  
$company1 - Company custom value 1 label/value  
$company2 - Company custom value 2 label/value  
$company3 - Company custom value 3 label/value  
$company4 - Company custom value 4 label/value  

$custom_surcharge1 - Custom surcharge 1 label/value  
$custom_surcharge2 - Custom surcharge 2 label/value  
$custom_surcharge3 - Custom surcharge 3 label/value  
$custom_surcharge4 - Custom surcharge 4 label/value  

$product.item - Product item label  
$ - Product date label  
$ - Product discount label  
$product.product_key - Product key label  
$product.description - Product description label  
$product.unit_cost - Product unit cost label  
$product.quantity - Product quantity label  
$ - Tax label  
$product.tax_name1 - Product tax name 1 label  
$product.tax_name2 - Product tax name 2 label  
$product.tax_name3 - Product tax name 3 label  
$product.line_total - Product line total label  
$product.product1 - Product custom 1 label  
$product.product2 - Product custom 2 label  
$product.product3 - Product custom 3 label  
$product.product4 - Product custom 4 label  

$ - Task date label  
$ - Task discount label  
$task.service - Task service label  
$task.description - Task description label  
$task.rate - Task rate label  
$task.hours - Task hours label  
$ - Tax label  
$task.tax_name1 - Task tax name 1 label  
$task.tax_name2 - Task tax name 2 label  
$task.tax_name3 - Task tax name 3 label  
$task.line_total - Task line total label  

$contact.signature - The contact signature image.  

$thanks - Thanks label  
$from - From label  
$to - To label  
$details - Details label  
$item - Item label  
$description - Description label  
$entity_footer - Entity footer label/value  

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