The Vendors module allows you to manage a list of vendors that your organization purchases goods or services from for business-related purposes. You can enter all necessary contact and billing information for each vendor, and track individual purchases through expense records which are linked to the corresponding vendor record. Managing vendor records is crucial for effective management of your business or organization.

Vendor Module View

When you select the Vendors module from the navigation menu on the left side of the admin portal, you are brought to a table view of all current vendor records. The table view allows you to sort vendors by column types, add/remove columns and filter to view archived or deleted vendors. You can also create new vendors from this screen. Each vendor in the table will have a kebab menu to the left of its entry in the table, where you can manage the vendor record or take actions such as editing, creating new expense records, archiving and deleting.

Viewing a Vendor

To view a vendor's details, select it from the table or list view. The preview panel will appear with 3 tabs. The top of the screen has an Edit button that takes you to the vendor edit screen, and a kebab menu with options to take action on the vendor record. The bottom of the preview panel has two buttons, "New Expense" and "Archive", that allow you to create a new expense record linked to the vendor or archive the vendor and hide it from the default table view.


The vendor overview tab shows general information about the vendor.


The details tab has a list of other specifics about the vendor, such as their website, contact information, billing address, and more. Clicking on any of these listed items will copy the value of the item to your clipboard.


Here you can upload files such as pictures, documents, and more to link to your vendor record. This will mostly only be for your purposes in the admin portal however.

Creating and Editing a Vendor

Creating and editing a vendor in the desktop layout will take you to a new screen with all available fields presented in one view. On the mobile layout it is broken down into tabbed sections, similar to the way they appear in desktop layout, as follows:



You can add as many contacts as you like to a vendor record, to represent individuals or departments you may need to contact at some point from the vendor.



Billing address details for your vendor can be entered here for record keeping purposes.

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