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Activate v5 / Deactivate v4

You've migrated your data. You've checked everything in v5 and it all looks great, awesome!

Now you'll want to turn "on" your v5 account and turn "off" your v4 account. What does this mean?

When you turn "off" v4 you will no longer generate reminders or recurring invoices on your v4 account. And any existing links your clients use will be forwarded across to your new v5 installation.

To deactivate v4, log into your v4 account and navigate to Settings > Account Management and navigate down to the tab which says 'Forward customers to v5'.

alt text

In the input box you need to enter your v5 client portal url you can find your full portal url by navigating in v5 to Settings > Client Portal

alt text

If you are seeing an orange dialog on the left sidebar, your company may not be activated yet.

alt text

To activate navigate to Settings > Account Management

alt text

Flick the switch and save!

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