Hosted Stripe

Stripe Integration

In v5 of Invoice Ninja we have introduced Stripe Connect using OAuth. This integration provides a secure way to integrate your Stripe account into Invoice Ninja.

When you migrate your data across, we automatically create your Stripe account, however we need you to authorize via OAuth your Stripe account with Invoice Ninja.

To do this, navigate to Settings > Payment Settings > Configure Gateways. In the Stripe driver you'll see the following:

alt text

Click on this button and you'll be taken to a page like this:

alt text

Select the account you wish to connect and we will look after the rest!!

Stripe Webhooks

It is highly recommended that you configure webhooks that allow Stripe to communicate with Invoice Ninja.

In cases where the customer leaves prior to the transaction completing or a loss of communication between Stripe and Invoice Ninja. Webhooks can self heal any transactions that are incomplete.

You can find your webhook details on the Stripe overview page in Settings > Payment Settings > Configure Gateways > Stripe

alt text

Using these details, log into Stripe and navigate to Developers > Webhooks

alt text

Enter in your dedicated webhook URL as well as the five event types


alt text

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