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Invoice Ninja is an invoicing application which makes sending invoices and receiving payments simple and easy. Our latest version is a clean slate rewrite of our popular invoicing application which builds on the existing feature set and adds a wide range of features and enhancements the community has asked for.

Lets get started!

We support a wide range of devices and have custom applications for all platforms. For best performance we highly recommend using the application specific to your operating system.

Device Link
Android Download
iOS Download
macOS Download
Linux Download
Windows Download

Of course we also provide a fantastic web application which can be found here. If you prefer a interface similar to our V4, you can use our React application here. No matter which device you use, your data will be kept in sync and up to date!

Initial setup

You'll want to do some basic configuration when you log in for the first time, settings up your company name, address and uploading your logo. You can follow the steps with this short video.

Company Logo

Display your company logo on your Invoice PDFs and in the client portal. All emails that you send to your client from Invoice Ninja will display your Company Logo. You can upload your company logo in:

Settings > Company Details > Logo

Company Logo Upload

For best results, using a logo which has a landscape orientation. This will display best across all devices and resources including emails, PDF and the client portal

Taxes and Localization

Settings > Tax Settings

Learn how to setup total taxes including line item taxes, and also localize your installation for your region.

Your first invoice

Step through the process of creating your first invoice. Includes creating custom product columns and also customizing your invoice number patterns.

Get Paid!

The final step connecting a payment gateway. Invoice Ninja links with all major payment gateways and makes getting paid super simple. Here is a short video of how to connect the most popular gateway Stripe to Invoice Ninja

For more information on gateways that we support click here

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